David Gwilym Anthony



My first poetry collection, Words to Say, was published in 2002 and my second, Talking to Lord Newborough, in 2004.

My third collection, Passing through the Woods, was published in June 2012 by Troubador Publishing Ltd.  It is available from UK bookshops and also, including a downloadable Kindle version, from Amazon UK, Amazon.com and all other Amazon sites.

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I had intended to produce a second edition of my book Talking to Lord Newborough, published by Jaimes Alsop’s Alsop Review Press.  Sadly Jaimes died and the press is no longer in existence. Passing through the Woods contains many of the poems in Talking to Lord Newborough with revisions, along with new poems.  Some of these poems have appeared in the following books and magazines:




Acumen, Candelabrum, Hand Luggage Only (Shortlist Anthology of Open Poetry's 2007 International Sonnet Competition), The London Magazine, Poetry Scotland, Snakeskin, The Sonnet at the Millennium (Anthology), The Sun Also Rises, Unsuitable Companions (Chapbook), Worm, Write-away

Angle, Anthology One
(Alsop Review Press), Artemis Journal, Avatar Review, The Barefoot Muse, The Buckeye, Bumbershoot, Carnelian, Defenestration, Edge City Review, The Eleventh Muse, First Things, The Flea, 14 by 14, Here and Now, The HyperTexts, Lighten Up Online, Light Quarterly, Lilt, Mindfire Renewed, The New Formalist, Octavo, Pierian Springs, Poems for Big Kids (Anthology), Shit Creek Review, Soundzine, The Susquehanna Quarterly, Umbrella, Writer’s Hood

Contemporary Ten Thousand Leaves Anthology (Gendai Manyo Shu),
Eisuke Shiiki's Ran Pan Un, Tanka Journal



Passing through the Woods